Vermont Maple Syrup, Country Bakery, Souvenirs and Norman Rockwell Exhibition

Arlington and Norman Rockwell


The Vermont home of Norman Rockwell

Arlington is a small community located in the southwestern part of Vermont, no more than 3-4 hours from both New York and Boston. The area is referred to as the Shires of Vermont with Arlington affectionately called the “heart of the shires” since it is located midway between the main towns of Bennington and Manchester. Arlington is proud of the fact that Rockwell made his home here for 14 years from 1939-1953, using many local citizens as models.

Although most of the models are getting on in years and some have moved away, it is not unusual to have them come to talk to our bus tours or just stop by to say hello and reminisce. Although small, Arlington boasts a number of historical and cultural attractions with antique centers, art galleries, bed and breakfasts, inns and small gift shops dotting the countryside. The main route through town is Historic 7A, which has recently been designated as a historic byway. There are also two covered bridges in the immediate area with several others around the county. Click here to learn more about accommodations and activities in the Arlington region.

“Moving to Arlington had given my work a terrific boost…Now my pictures grew out of the world around me, the everyday life of my neighbors.” – Norman Rockwell